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What are office supplies? Pens and paper, right?

“Oh, we don’t need much because we are basically paperless. We perhaps spend a few hundred pounds a year, it’s nothing significant.”

This wouldn’t be incorrect, but the office supplies industry has grown to be much more diverse than this. What about your tea/coffee? Cleaning and janitorial supplies? Cartridges and toners? Furniture? Business cards and printed goods? The list goes on… So now what do you think your yearly spend might be?

How can we help?

Step 1 - Audit

We offer a free and comprehensive audit of your office supplies expenditure. This allows us to not only quantify the savings that we can offer, but also provides you with a bespoke price list of products at incredible value that is uniquely tailored to your business. We can also offer ongoing reviews of your expenditure to ensure any fluctuations in purchasing patterns are reflected in your bespoke pricing.

“But my current supplier is an enormous, International provider. Therefore, they are the biggest, the best and the cheapest!”

This is a common misconception and we know that we can make you like-for-like savings of between 8 and 41% against these competitors - that is exactly what we have been doing for local businesses just like you.

We regularly achieve double digit savings over our national competitors; just because they're bigger, doesn't mean they're cheaper, often it is quite the reverse. We have low overheads and no PLC shareholders to satisfy!

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