About Us

We like to mix it up and keep it fresh. Several of our shopkeepers have been with Warrens for more than 10 years resulting in an amazing wealth of experience. So we pride ourselves in knowing what our customers want.

Every successful business relies on its team of resolute workers. We are lucky enough to have a loyal and helpful crowd of happy shopkeepers who keep the ball rolling day after day.

David and Paul Morgan, father and son, have led an enthusiastic team of shopkeepers since taking over the business in 1978. Running the business with a family ethos makes us stick around. We love the atmosphere of a happy independent trader – a haven in the identikit High Street to which we have all become accustomed.

Anything you need to know about stationery, office furniture or fountain pens, ask Chris. He doesn’t like to dwell on the number of years he has been at Warrens but it makes him our expert.

Barbara and Sandra have stood proud at the helm of the gifts and cards department for so long there is nothing they can’t tell you about successful shop-keeping. They are an unstoppable force and possess a wealth of knowledge between them, which they are more than happy to impart.

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The same high quality service you’re used to in the shop, the reassurance of buying from a local shopkeeper you can meet face to face and next day delivery to your door.

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